Havana Beach Bar & Grill

South Walton's Inspired Dining Destination

While a great meal alone may not transform your life, you have the power to do so when you're in a relaxed and optimal state of mind. This is the heart of Havana Beach Bar & Grill in Rosemary Beach® – where the food doesn't just satisfy your palate; it ignites your sense of adventure and inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from El Floridita, the cherished Havana, Cuba, haunt of Ernest Hemingway, Havana Beach envelops you in a relaxed coastal atmosphere and an irresistibly cozy ambiance. It perfectly captures the spirit of reveling in the pleasures of excellent cuisine and beverages, aligning harmoniously with the joyous essence of living life to the fullest. 


Savor a rich and diverse menu spanning everything from Gulf Coast and Caribbean favorites to refreshing snacks and margaritas.


Take a seat at the hand-carved mahogany bar, where skilled bartenders craft made-to-order cocktails that captivate all five senses.

Private Dining

Daily Hours

8 AM - 2 PM 

5 - 10 PM 
Opens at 4 PM (May 15 - Labor Day)

11 AM - 10 PM 
Happy Hour: Monday- Thursday, 11 AM – 3 PM 

11 AM - 10 PM (weather permitting)  

  *Seasonal hours apply 

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